Fresh, sweet orange essential oil has a familiar and much-loved citrusy fragrance. This incredibly versatile oil has so many benefits, making it one of the most popular essential oils available today.

The oranges used to make this sought-after essential oil are grown all over the world in both tropical and subtropical climates. Some of the biggest orange producers include Brazil, the United States, China, India and Mexico.

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The oil itself comes from the rind of the orange and is typically extracted by centrifugation, resulting in a cold-pressed oil. The rind of the fruit gives the orange its characteristic aroma, which is sometimes extracted from the oil by distillation for a variety of uses. Here are some of the uses and benefits of orange oil.


Orange oil has attracted a lot of attention for its purported ability to fight cancer, with around 50 studies investigating its effects. These suggest that it has the ability to suppress tumour growth and slow the reproduction of cancer cells in animals. More research is needed to find out whether the same benefits would be seen in humans.

Aside from its potential cancer-fighting abilities, orange oil has been used for centuries to calm and uplift. It has a mild tranquilising effect that aids relaxation, reduces symptoms of anxiety and helps to promote clarity. A 2014 study examining both orange and rose essential oil found that the oils have the ability to induce both psychological and physiological relaxation. Participants in the study said they felt comfortable, relaxed and natural after experiencing the beautiful aroma of orange oil for just 90 seconds.

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Orange oil is also thought to help clarify thoughts and improve cognitive function. A 2009 study found that orange oil may be helpful for those suffering with dementia.

Uses and Benefits of Orange Oil

This exquisite essential oil has a wonderful aroma and so many associated benefits. It can be used to fragrance the home and treat both body and mind.

Orange oil is known to be a mild sedative and can naturally relax you after a long hard day. It is a much-preferred alternative to some of the artificial sedatives on the market with their well-documented risks and side effects. The fragrance of orange oil alleviates anxieties and can help to restore calm if you are feeling agitated or angry. In addition, it is easy to see why the uplifting scent is so beneficial for those suffering from depression. The incredible smell of orange oil instantly transports you to your happiest moments, lifting your mood and banishing worries.

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Orange oil also has mild aphrodisiac qualities and if used in the bedroom, it can help to stimulate the libido.

If used topically, orange oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can assist with a wide range of inflammation problems.  It is also known to be an effective antiseptic and can be used to help avoid infection.

How to use

There are a number of ways to enjoy orange essential oil with its range of therapeutic properties. Generally, these can be divided into two methods: inhalation of the fragrance, and topical application.

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The easiest and most cost-effective way to enjoy orange oil is to buy a room diffuser which will allow the alluring scent of the oil to fragrance your home. This long-lasting way to enjoy the oil allows you and your family to benefit from the fragrance whenever you are, with no effort at all. Make sure you choose a diffuser that uses a pure essential oil blend with no added chemicals or impurities.

A fragranced candle is also an excellent way to disperse this beautiful scent around your home. For instance, you can also take it with you into the bathroom and enjoy a long relaxing soak in the tub as this powerful fragrance melts away your troubles and anxieties. Be sure to choose a candle that does not contain paraffin wax or a lead wick as these are harmful to human health.

If you want to apply orange oil topically, you will need to purchase both the essential oil and a carrier oil. Diluting the essential oil with the carrier oil helps to prevent skin irritation. Orange oil blends well with other citrus essential oils and also combines well with clove, cinnamon, ginger, frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver and black pepper.

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