281 years of craftsmanship, 14 artisans and 630 hours in 5 unique, hand-blown, hand-cut crystal "couture" candles

Royal Brierley Crystal Couture  

“Would a diamond cut make it dance?". You can never be sure exactly what’ll happen when two teams of craftsmen come together. Overhearing snippets of their first meeting it was obvious something special was happening between the artisans of Royal Brierley and Parks Atelier. By combining cut crystal, flame and fragrance both teams saw they could create a uniquely beautiful work of art – it was just a question of time. How much? Everybody in the room knew there was only one way to find out.


Golconda Blues start life as a globule of molten crystal in the furnace at Royal Brierley


Shaping the molton globule as it cools


Hand cutting and polishing

Preparing the finished vessel for burn testing


It takes 126 hours and 14 artisans to hand make each Golconda Blue - and that’s before you add the weeks of burn testing and 281 years of craftsmanship into the equation. Did we mention the hand-crafted case made locally by the Woodland Community Trust?...


Hand crafting giftboxes in the Wyre Forest


The first Golconda Blue ready for shipping 

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