Having family and friends over for Christmas is as much a tradition as carol singing or stocking hanging. It's a reminder that the real reason for the season is taking time to enjoy the company of those you love. Entertaining at Christmas would not be entertaining without food, drinks, gifts and decoration. These are all important, but don't overlook your home fragrance! Carefully selected Christmas fragrances can really bring some added sparkle to your home. It creates an ambience that brings life to your celebrations.

Here are a few tips on how to make your plans just that little bit more perfect this Christmas:

Champagne bucket with ice and glasses, ready for Christmas drinks

Pre-Dinner Drinks

You've bought in the bubbly, polished the crystal and laid the canapés out on trays. You are officially ready to entertain your guests.

Just as it would without a party playlist, your soiree would feel somewhat flat without some scented ambience to liven up the atmosphere. Our Grand Cru Candle works perfectly. It fills the air with an energetic fizz, creating an atmosphere that is evocative of intriguing conversation and a buoyant mood.

Think of it as a backdrop of soft jazz, where a pleasant tune of bubbly champagne, juicy peach and silvery ambergris play together in perfect harmony.

Perfect to enjoy a tipple (or two) to.

Christmas Dinner

Every bit of preparation, the purchasing of gifts, assembling bauble-adorned trees and hours of potato peeling, has let up to this moment. The time the turkey is on the table, the wine is poured, and cutlery is poised. It's making us hungry just thinking about it!

Whilst your table may be overflowing with festive decorations and food, our advice is not to overdo it with your home fragrance choice. With so many competing (and delicious) food aromas, it's best to go for something subtle. Something that compliments these seasonal smells rather than overpowers them. Our Orange, Cedarwood and Clove Crystalene Candle makes for a beautiful centrepiece (it is crystal, after all). Offering a gentle trail of citrus and spice, it accentuates the festival of scents rather than amplifying them.

Perfect to tuck into.

Friends having dinner party at home. It is a feast of food of all color and they are enjoy in every moment of the evening. They are happy and well dressed. Home is decorated with festive string lights and candles. Evening or night.

Boxing Day Chill

Boxing day is the calm after the storm. Gifts have been opened, dinners consumed, and armchairs fallen asleep in. It's now officially time to relax. The great thing about Boxing Day is that there are no rules - you can do exactly what you want. Fancy chilling out all day in your onesie? Go right ahead! It's your day to relax, and depending how your Christmas Day went, the opportunity to recover too.

After the excesses of the day before, it's important to treat your nose to something that clears the pallet. Our Lime, Basil and Mandarin Candle blends the refreshing, tart quality of citrus fruits with the aromatic warmth of herbs to create a serene air that relaxes you every time you enter the room.

Perfect to chill to.

Whoever or however you are entertaining this Christmas, our extensive range of scented candles and diffusers are perfect accessories for your celebrations - no matter how formal or informal they are!

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