What do you want to change about your life in the New Year? Perhaps you’d like to lose weight, join the gym or make steps towards a more active lifestyle? Or, maybe you’d like to learn a new language, move house or look for a new job? Whatever your plans for the New Year, with January now right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those all-important resolutions – so you can start the year as you mean to go on.

When people think of New Year’s resolutions, they tend to focus on the negative aspects of their life, and how best to overcome them. Whether it’s drinking less or exercising more, there’s a tendency towards making changes which can be difficult to maintain, often meaning that resolutions can quickly fall by the wayside.

Instead of focusing on cutting out the negatives in the New Year, we suggest a different approach to resolution-making – looking after your own wellness. By making small positive changes to things such as sleep, exercise and mindfulness, you can live a happier and healthier life in the New Year, and you’ll also find that those resolutions are much easier to follow through on.

In this guide, we share practical tips and guides on how to look after your wellness in the New Year – from how to get a better night’s sleep to eliminating stress through exercise, mindfulness and relaxation.

Focus on Removing Stress

Stress is one of the biggest problems we face, and yet it’s also one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated. At its worse, the condition can cause debilitating medical issues such as chest pains, headaches, upset stomachs and low energy, while even minor cases can be the cause of sleeplessness and frequent illness such as cold and flu.

Often, negative aspects of life such as drinking, over-eating and lack of sleep are triggered by the body reacting to stress. That’s why, rather than treating these issues individually, it’s better to tackle stress head-on – dealing with the root cause of the problem for a happier existence throughout the New Year.

Below, we share some of our handy guides on how to deal with stress and its symptoms.

Expert Tips for a Stress-Free Lifestyle

how to prevent stress

With the demands of everyday life weighing heavy on your shoulders, it’s important to address the things that cause you stress on a daily basis. This guide gives you the tools to minimise the impact of stress, offering practical advice from stress experts and life coaches.

7 Tips to Keep Your Energy Levels High While Working

tired businesswoman relaxing with hands on face while sitting on sofa at office

One of the most common physical symptoms of stress is low energy, when you lack the motivation to carry out simple, everyday tasks or jobs at work that others would find relatively straightforward. This guide offers seven useful and practical ways to help you maintain your energy levels at work – from prioritising stressful tasks to making time for exercise during the working day.

A Guide to Staying Energised for Young Parents

jacqui mummys little monkey

Balancing a demanding career with the new-found responsibilities of being a young parent is unquestionably stress-inducing, particularly if you’re suffering from lack of sleep or struggling to find a schedule that works for you. Here, we talk to Jacqui from Mummy’s Little Monkey about the ways in which new parents can stay energised during the early years of parenthood, and how important positivity is in maintaining a stress-free lifestyle.

10 Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

how to get a better sleep

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Get the recommended amount of shut-eye every night, and you’ll enjoy a much happier and stress-free lifestyle, free from symptoms such as poor concentration, mood swings and weight gain. We show you 10 tips on how to enjoy better sleep health – from ditching technology at bedtime to infusing your bedroom with sleep-friendly fragrances.

Take Time Out for Your Own Wellbeing in the New Year

If you spend your life running after the kids in between chasing deadlines at work, this is the area of life that you need to address when thinking up New Year’s resolutions – and not how many glasses of wine you drink on a Friday evening. Make your wellbeing a priority in the New Year, and other areas of your life will become more manageable, enjoyable and enriching.

Of course, there are many ways to take care of number one, and it really depends on the individual. However, something that we all need to do more is practice mindfulness, either through meditation, exercise or simply by taking five minutes out of our busy day to focus on the bigger picture.

At Parks, we take mindfulness and personal wellbeing seriously, which is why we’ve created a series of guides on how to improve your own wellness, both now and in the future. Take a look at our guides, which cover everything from exercise and meditation to mindfulness and energy, below.

4 Ways to Feel Energised Every Day

Muscular man at gym taking a break from workout sitting beside the bottle of water

Improving your energy levels is the first step on the road to good personal wellbeing, whether you’re a stressed-out student or a high-flying executive. Our guide on how to feel more energised can help boost and maintain your get-up-and-go throughout the day, offering simple guidance on things such as exercise, hydration and diet, and how they can impact your energy levels.

How to Fit a Restorative and Rewarding Exercise Regime Into a Busy Life

Cheerful muscular young woman with ponytail and black tights performing dead lift barbell exercises with other students

We get it – finding time to hit the gym, take a run or swim lengths in the pool is difficult when you have other things on your plate. That said, exercise is vital to a happy and healthy lifestyle, so perhaps it’s time to take a good look at your schedule and find gaps where you can fit in a restorative exercise regime. To help those struggling to fit exercise in around their busy schedule, we spoke to sports psychologist and founder of Baby2Body Melinda Nicci, who offered up her top tips on finding the motivation to exercise, and how best to fit it in.

How to Start Practising Mindfulness Every Day

Mindfulness may be the buzzword of the moment, but it’s more than just a trendy fad. This simple meditation technique, when mastered, offers a huge range of restorative health benefits for body and mind – from reducing stress to helping you live more freely in the here and now. We think taking time to practice mindfulness is one of the best resolutions you could adopt in the New Year, and this effective guide can help show you how.

7 Expert Tips to Start Meditation

how to start practicing yoga

The benefits of daily meditation are now well documented, yet only a small percentage of people find time to practice mindfulness every day. No matter how busy your life, if you’re interested in starting meditation, it’s never too late to pick it up. Here, we compile practical meditation tips from seven leading experts, helping you master this ritual of mindfulness.

7 Expert Tips to Start Doing Yoga

If meditation sounds a little too soft for your liking, why not put mind and body to the test by taking up the restorative pastime of yoga? The benefits of yoga are far-reaching, encompassing both your physical and psychological wellbeing. From improved energy, muscle stretch and circulatory health to increased mindfulness and positivity, yoga makes an excellent choice for a New Year’s resolution whichever way you look at it. Here, we share seven expert tips on how to start doing yoga – even if you’re a complete novice.

Health, Wellbeing and Relaxation: A Chat with Sonia Doubell

sonia doubell interview yogi yoga

Yoga is among the most effective means of maintaining good mental, physical and spiritual health, and it’s becoming ever more popular, with over a million people practising yoga in the UK every day. To encourage you to try your hand at this invigorating pastime in the New Year, here we chat to professional yogi, life coach, artist and speaker, Sonia Doubell, about all things yoga, and the impact it can have on health and wellbeing.

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