It’s not unusual to think about scenting our homes for Summer and Christmas - using home fragrance to create an ambience that perfectly complements the season. But what about candles for Halloween? Is there any way we can use a home fragrance to create a magical, mysterious ambience at home?

Halloween Candle

Candles for Halloween

Our Black Magic collection of scented candles and reed diffusers is all about creating that magical evening atmosphere. Using some of perfumery’s most prized ingredients. So, in the spirit of Halloween, we’ve gone back to the roots of black magic. Pairing some of our favourite scented candles from the range with ancient spells.

A Bewitching Spell

White flowers - their hot, breathy trails of scent are well known for enticing and leading astray, the hearts and minds of many a wanderer. It is their fate, you see, to be so suspiciously fragrant, because they aren’t bestowed with a vibrant beauty - roses or other colourful flowers - they must attract with scent alone. Perhaps this is why the white flower’s often described as bewitching.

White Jasmine Candle

Our White Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Scented Candle is a core pillar in the Black Magic range. It boasts the seductive, hot, fleshy tones of exotic jasmine and tropical sweetness of ylang ylang, in a sumptuous whirlwind. Together, these heady floral notes combine to make a mystic brew that’s both intoxicating and bold, supported by the rich, ancient materials of patchouli to cast an enticing glow wherever this most bewitching of candles is burned. Impossible to resist…

An Awakening Spell

Of course, not all black magic has nefarious intentions. Spells are as varied as our moods, and in history, dark magic has been used for good as much as bad (depending on your point of view). The Black Magic range is about creating an evening ambience in the home. Sometimes that vibe needs to be something of a pick-me-up. A scented trick to add a bit of energy to the home environment.

Orange Candle

For a brighter, more lively charm, our Orange & Lemongrass Scented Candle offers an intensely revitalising sense of magic. Zesty orange, with its juicy clash between bitter and sweet, is given an exotic twist of lemongrass. Like magic, when these two notes collide, they wake the senses, creating a refreshing and fun vibrancy in the home. This is the kind of candle for an animated dinner party, to cast a magic spell over the guests.

A Calming Spell

After the buzz of all those dinner parties, the next spell from the book of scented black magic is an incantation of calm. Lavender is often associated with healing and purification, but also with sleep and peace. It’s even thrown into Midsummer fires as a sacrifice to the Gods. So lavender, as far as black magic goes, is incredibly versatile in it’s uses.

Lavendar Candle

Our Lavender, Lilac, Hyacinth, Pear & Orange Scented Candle is scented generously with the herbal, menthol nuances of lavender and a heady bouquet of fruits and flowers, this candle is constantly exuding a calming air, eliminating tension and creating an elegant, refreshing sense of peace.

A Protective Spell

For centuries, red roses have been used in witchcraft as a sign of protection - they are said to ward off the evil eye when worn. Roses also represent our life-force with their intense beauty, blood-red colouring and green, spiny thorns serving as guardian. In perfumery, roses are omnipresent - a benign presence that delights and protects. At an emotional level, perfume is often worn in a similar way to a suit of armour.

Halloween Candles

To bring that sense of rosy protection into your home, our talisman of choice is this Bergamot & Rose Scented Candle. The signature scent of luscious red roses is lightened by a bright and airy dash of bergamot (nature’s most sunny citrus fruit). Whilst a rich bed of patchouli and lavender grounds it in the warm earth. Burning softly, Bergamot & Rose gives your home the feeling of a safe haven. A place to hide away from the elements and bask in the scent of a flower loved through the ages.

Whatever spell you want to cast this Halloween, our Black Magic range is a diverse collection of candles and diffusers. That use beautiful, bold materials to create a pleasing ambience throughout your home.