Ever wondered how we make our 100% natural wax candles? Today we're giving you a little sneak peak into our 33,000 sqft production facility. Please note this video was taking prior to COVID19. We pride ourselves in developing cutting edge processes to produce at a large scale, whilst also maintaining the high quality and craftsmanship found in our products.

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Since the 80's we've prioritised eco-friendly manufacturing, making sure our products don't have any harmful substances. This is why we've always committed to 100% natural wax compared to, the more popular, paraffin wax.

Paraffin vs. Natural Wax

The difference between paraffin vs natural wax isn't always obvious. You'll find many candles made from paraffin. It's one of the most common and economic waxes today. It's made from the sludge waste left by crude oil when refined into gasoline. Although versatile, we now know it's also toxic when lit because of the carcinogens created.

The easiest way to identify a paraffin candle is the colour. Paraffin wax can be coloured, whilst 100% natural wax cannot. So, although pretty on the shelf, they may be hiding some not-so-pretty ingredients.

We've always wanted to make sure our products are safe for the mind and body. That's why we use 100% organic Soy and Rapeseed, free from paraffin, paraben and palm oil. You can shop 100% guilt free, knowing our products won't bring you any harm.

Inside our factory

Take a look at how your home fragrances are made

Passionate in creating for you

Our love for making home fragrances has driven continual investment. Not only in R&D, the product team, infrastructure, but also reducing the carbon footprint for each and every product. Our labs have developed processes such as Coreless CleanBurn Technology. Which is why our candles have such a clean burn and consistently strong fragrance throw all the way down the wick.

From commissioning the finest machinery around the world, to building it ourselves - everything is obsessively geared towards making the finest fragranced products for the home and gifting.

We're excited to keep innovating and experimenting to bring our home fragrances to you. Made with love and passion, we hope you enjoy our candles and diffusers as much as we enjoy making them.

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