Roses, chocolates and cuddly teddy bears have become the mainstays of Valentine’s Day, tokens of affection gift wrapped and gifted on February 14. But while we love a box of truffles as much as anyone, we believe there are better and more personal ways to show your other half how much you care, for an extra special Valentine’s celebration.

If you’re struggling for inspiration on what to treat your partner to this Valentine’s, stick with us as we explore eight unique ways to make the day one to remember – from aphrodisiac eats to tips on preparing your home for a romantic evening in.

valentine's ideas

  1. Prepare the Perfect Valentine’s Day Bath

If there’s ever an excuse for a shared bath, it’s Valentine’s Day. There’s something about soaking in the tub together that’s relaxing, tranquil and intimate, and far-removed from your normal night-in. To make things extra special, treat them to their favourite bath bomb (or make your own comprising their favourite scents), light a few scented candles and set the mood with relaxing music. Just avoid scattering the surface with rose petals – no one likes a cliché.

valentine's day ideas

  1. Tour Your Favourite Haunts

Rather than booking a table for two at a stuffy restaurant on Valentine’s night, why not whisk your SO on a tailored tour of your favourite places. From that one bench you always gravitate towards to your favourite bar or street food vendor; this should be a romantic trip down memory lane, revisiting the spots that have helped to define your relationship.

  1. Plan an Aphrodisiac-Inducing Meal

If you’ve no plans to go out on Valentine’s evening, forget the takeaway menu and rustle up a homemade meal that will set pulses racing. Some foods are known to cultivate a healthy sex drive and lust for life, so research the top aphrodisiacs and plan your starter, main and dessert around these.

valentines day ideas

Angie Silver, author of food and lifestyle blog SilverSpoon London, is an advocate for a romantic Valentine’s meal, recommending the following as ideal home-cooked fare on the big day: “I love going pink for Valentine’s day so smoked salmon and lobster would be on my menu. Also, it has to be chocolate for dessert.”

  1. Set the Mood for Romance

A Valentine’s night-in starts with creating a romantic ambience. Switch off the TV, put on your favourite music and dim the lights. Then, light candles to fill your home with a warm, intimate glow and sensual fragrance. For the ultimate in romance, light candles that contain renowned aphrodisiacs, including vanilla, rose, sandalwood, jasmine and patchouli. Other more exotic scents that can help towards a romantic mood include ylang ylang, neroli and vetiver – perfect for the bedroom.

valentine's day ideas

  1. Get Crafting

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about showering each other with expensive gifts. On the contrary, the day should be about recognising love in the little things, and showing your partner just how much you care. If you don’t usually buy each other a gift, why not make them something instead? There are lots of romantic craft ideas out there, so get creative and give them something unique and memorable this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Throw a Valentine’s Day Party for Family and Friends

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a couple, either dining out as a twosome or snuggling on the sofa to watch a romantic film. But this year, why not change things up by throwing a Valentine’s Day party for family and friends? Celebrating the day with both your partner and your loved ones is a great way to ensure everyone, even singletons, feel included in the day, and promises to be a February 14 to remember.

  1. Go and See the Stars

valentine's ideas

If you live in a bustling city, chances are you rarely see a clear night sky. However, with romance in the air, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to escape the urban sprawl, find a patch of total darkness, and gaze up at the heavens. There’s something really special about star-gazing with the one you love, and who knows, you might see a shooting star – the universal symbol of good luck and happiness for the years ahead.

  1. Plan a Weird and Wonderful Celebration

If a meal out doesn’t quite cut it but you don’t want to spend the evening in, why not arrange a unique experience for you and your Valentine’s date. From a couple’s massage session at a local spa to a night-time hot air balloon ride, there are lots of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without relying on tired traditions – so you can plan a truly romantic and memorable day.

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