Summer is well and truly here, but not all of us have the luxury of opening our windows onto a verdant field or even a garden full of lovely flowers. Missing the beautiful scents of the season can be upsetting for those wanting the full experience of this wonderful time of year.

Fortunately, there are ways of revelling in the scents of summer and the rejuvenating natural energies they produce without moving to the countryside for the duration. Here, we’ve collected some of our favourite summery scents, and talk a bit about how they make us feel.

Coral Flower

This lesser known member of the rose family really needs to be appreciated more. Named for its pale pink colour, Huechera micrantha (coral flower when it’s at home) is a lovely little plant with an absolutely heavenly smell. It is technically a rose, but it smells like something entirely different. But don’t take my word for it – we’ve captured the scent perfectly here.

coral flower


Did you know that jasmine is actually related to the olive tree? There are more than 200 varieties of jasmine grown throughout the world. Each has a unique aroma, and all of the ones I’ve smelled speak to me of cool summer nights and some of my favourite teas. Fill your home with the beautiful, natural scent of jasmine with our scented range, here.

Lemongrass and Mint

A wonderful combination of scents which simultaneously soothes the soul whilst awaking the body. The minty undertones of this combination take us back to childhood, picking mint leaves - one of the most piquant herbs to grow in UK gardens. This is complemented by the clean, crisp aromas of the lemongrass which provides a much-needed energy boost. One of my favourite scent combinations can be found here.

Lemongrass and Mint scents


Another classic flower of warm summer afternoons, geranium isn’t a scent many would point out, but almost everyone recalls it as a personal favourite when they smell it again. Delicate yet alluring, geranium is at its best when combined with other, equally subtle, scents. This is one of my favourite geranium scent combinations.


This lesser known plant has a delicate herbal scent that echoes the sense of summer. Vetiver is native to India, where it is probably more well-known than its close relative, lemongrass. The scent shares crisp notes of grapefruit and earth tones – creating a complicated and rewarding fragrance.

scent guide banner

In its native India, vetiver is dried out and woven into curtains before being drenched in water to cool and fragrance the home. You can experience the scent for yourself, complemented by basil, lavender and mint, here.


Everything about lavender is reminiscent of summer – from its delightful purple tones to its unmistakable scent. There are few summer sights more mesmerising than a lavender field in full bloom as row upon row of beautiful purple flowers salute the sun whilst giving off their beautiful scent. And this scent should not be reserved just for the fields of northern Africa and Mediterranean nations where it is native – the plant’s scent has been shown to have restorative qualities.

Lavender scents

Research shows that the essential oil of lavender can be useful in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness – making a wonderfully relaxing addition to your home. This lavender candle will immediately transport you to beautiful fields full of the piquant plant.

But of course, these are just some of my favourite scents of summer. Each of you probably has your own, associated with your own summer memories. To find your perfect summer scent, head over to our homepage for our full range.