Find it hard to always stay focused? Working from home means so many more distractions, making it just a bit more difficult to stay 110% focused.

We thought we'd share some tips we've learned over the years about maintaining focus and keeping energy levels high whilst working. Also, because fragrances are really our strong suit, we've included a few suggestions on which scents you need to make each of these tips even better!

1. What's most important?

Before you even start your day, it's important to prioritise your to-do's. Which tasks actually achieve useful results? Which tasks need addressing immediately? Anything that doesn't fit the list can go in the 'if there is time later' file.

This gets the most important tasks out of the way while your energy levels are still high. Of course, you'll need to get to the 'to do later' tasks in time, but then again, they'll simply become high priority tasks for another day.

2. Work Out (preferably before work)

Your energy levels are entirely dependent on the health and well-being of your body. Taking a brisk walk (making sure you're social distancing), doing a quick 10 minute at-home circuit or running up and down the stairs a few times will fill your body with lots of adrenaline and other natural chemicals, helping boost your mood and energy levels dramatically.

Regular exercise not only makes you physically healthier, but it also helps your ability to focus efforts on important tasks.

Our tip: Grapefruit and Jasmine scents help extend that adrenaline boost long after you've slipped off your sports gear. Place a Grapefruit and Jasmine Diffuser in the kitchen as a mental booster whilst you enjoy your post work-out snack!

3. Give yourself a bit of a break

Taking breaks is essential. Step away from your desk for lunch and take a few moments to stand up and stretch every two hours. This gives your brain a chance to relax and recharge.

To maximise the benefits from your breaks, light a Eucalyptus and Juniper candle to keep you perked up!

4. Remember your vitamins and minerals

One of the biggest energy killers at work is a lack of vitamins and minerals, it leaves us feeling under the weather, lacking focus and just generally tired. It's important to take the time to eat three nutritious meals a day to keep your engine well fuelled. Make sure your meals include plenty of fruits and green vegetables and remember to stay hydrated.

With vitamins and minerals taking care of your physical health, let fragrances such as Pomegranate hep your spiritual well-being.

5. Be the difference!

Our final point comes from Terence Mauri, a global speaker and author. He believes the satisfaction of making a difference is a great energy booster.

We all want our work to matter and nothing is a more powerful energiser than to know you're making a difference in the world. Anyone can help in their own way, whether it's checking in on a colleague, spreading positivity and boosting morale. Sometimes one small action makes an unbelievable difference.

Become a self-motivator and leader by burning invigorating and fresh scents such and Orange and Lemongrass!

We hope this helps keep your energy levels high. For a little extra boost, we've curated a collection to help motivate and uplift your mood whilst you're working from home. And don't forget, after a long day, it's time to relax. We'd recommend lighting a woody fragrance such as Feu de Bois or Sandalwood Ambergris so you can enjoy the comforting flicker of the flame whilst you curl up and unwind.