Warm, fluffy pancakes drizzled with lemon juice and dusted with sugar... Shrove Tuesday (or pancake day) has us thinking about food... Whether you're making pancakes tonight or now, we know sometimes cooking fragrances overstay their welcome. Ever wonder how to use home fragrances to get rid of cooking smells?

Here are four of our top tips for a delightfully fragranced cooking experience:

pancake with sugar being flipped

1. Don't overwhelm with scent.

Nothing's worse than trying to cover one powerful scent with another, you don't want to bring out the most pungent elements in each fragrance! Instead, add something that compliments and balances. Cooking with lots of spices? Pair it with citrus notes and bring a touch of freshness!

Our recommendation - the delicate citrus bite of our Lime, Basil and Mandarin Candle.

2. Burn a candle to clear the air.

Don't want to burn candles while you cook? Pick out something clean, comforting and refreshing to clear the air afterwards. We like to light our Linen Fresh Candle - imagine giant cotton sheets drying on a warm summer's day...

If that doesn't freshen the air, we don't know what will!

use candle to get rid of cooking smells

3. Burn something to get you in the mood for food.

We don't want you to think cooking smells are bad, because more often than not, they're perfectly pleasant. Sometimes, we like to light something that makes us think of food, even when we're not cooking...

Take our Bourbon and Maple Candle for example - Boozy notes of woody bourbon, malted sugar and a hint of maple. Absolutely mouth-watering!

4. Add a subtle ambience with your diffuser.

The kitchen is often neglected when it comes to home fragrance. But a well-placed diffuser actually adds a subtle ambience, leaving it smelling fresh and clean at all times.

For gentle, subtle freshness, we love our Fresh Orange Blossom Diffuser, bringing a touch of Valencia's expansive orange groves to your kitchen!

Pick something up to combat your cooking fragrances here!