For many people, the New Year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Whether you plan to join the gym, switch jobs, move house or start a new hobby, January gives you the chance to hit the reset button and step into the year with an added spring in your step, knowing that change is on the horizon.

Of course, entering the gloom of January can be tough, with weeks to go until the milder and longer days of spring. What you need is a pick-me-up – something to put a smile on your face after a long day at work when pay day’s still a few weeks away.

In this guide, we explore 12 luxury scented candles whose fresh and uplifting fragrances provide a tonic for those dreaded January blues.

1. Eucalyptus & Juniper Aromatherapy Candle

juniper candle

Marrying fragrant juniper berries with natural and stimulating extracts of eucalyptus, this Aromatherapy candle is the ideal accompaniment to a January evening, working to revitalise mind and body. Here, tangy and distinct notes of eucalyptus work beautifully against the fresh, forest-like fragrance of juniper, producing an energetic scent that promises to inspire positivity after even the dullest of January days.

2. Orange & Lemongrass Black Magic Candle

lemongrass candles

Citrus fragrances are naturally refreshing and enlivening, offering up a zingy and invigorating scent that’s reminiscent of cleanliness and purity. This candle, with its heady bouquet of exhilarating orange and lemongrass, produces a powerful and clarifying fragrance, balanced perfectly with notes of basil and lavender, which add base notes of herb and spice – perfect for burning in the kitchen.

3. Inspiring Massage Candle

massage candles

Few things are more comforting than an intimate massage, and this candle, with its low wax melting point and practical jug design, provides the perfect formula for an invigorating back, neck or shoulder rub. The 100% natural wax is fragranced with notes of aromatic wood, mint and jasmine, which together create a stimulating scent that’s ideal for building a comforting aroma in your home.

4. Turquoise Colour Therapy Candle

turquoise therapy candles

Turquoise, the colour of energy, creativity and joy, has helped inspire this Colour Therapy luxury scented candle, as well as its bright glass votive, which will certainly add a welcoming splash of colour to your interior space. The candle is fragranced with a palette of inspiring scents, from mangrove wood and hyacinth to soothing coral flowers, for a refined and comforting New Year fragrance.

5. Rejuvenating Nature’s Own Candle

cedarwood candles

A symphony of orange, basil, black pepper and cedarwood come together in this natural-wax Nature’s Own blend, filling your world with revitalising fragrance. A heart of zesty orange is complemented by herbal notes of black pepper and basil, which add a welcoming savoury nose, while warm cedarwood refines and balances the scent – rejuvenating mind and body in the doldrums of January.

6. No. 7 Cotton Fresh Orchid & Lotus Flower Parks Exclusive Candle

cotton candles

There’s something innately refreshing about the scent of fresh cotton, perhaps reminding us of those early days of spring when you’re able to hang your laundry on a washing line for the first time in months. This luxury fragrance marries cool cotton with hints of lotus and orchid, adding stimulating floral base notes to this effortlessly uplifting fragrance blend.

7. Oud Noir Candle

oud candle

Embrace the continuing winter’s days with this warming blend of spiced oud, earthy patchouli and cypriol, which come together to create a comforting and intimate fragrance. Parks Noir candles are designed to help set a sophisticated ambience in the evenings – the perfect antidote to a chilly January night.

8. Pomegranate Aromatherapy Candle

pomegranade candle

With an invigorating heart of exotic pomegranate, the rich fruit fragrance of this divine Aromatherapy candle is both stimulating and tonifying, providing an uplifting scent that’s great for keeping you on track with those New Year’s resolutions. Base notes of sweet pomegranate are lifted by grapefruit, orange and lemon, offering up a heady citrus afterthought that’s pure and cleansing.

9. Lavender & Lilac Black Magic Candle

lavender candle

Soothing and tranquil lavender meets a twist of citrus in this intriguing Black Magic blend, which happens to be one of our most calming and comforting fragrances. To refine the blend of citrus, lavender and lilac, we’ve added sweet floral notes of hyacinth and honeysuckle, which serve to add interest to the bouquet. Burn on a gloomy late winter’s eve to bring warmth and peace to your living space.

10. White Colour Therapy Candle

white candle

The colour white is synonymous with purity, cleanliness and peace, and these are the exact qualities which this charming Colour Therapy candle will bring to your home. Presented in an elegant glass votive, the all-natural candle is fragranced with a medley of delicate floral scents, including gardenia, lotus, hibiscus and orchid, creating a calming natural blend that’s reminiscent of the approaching spring.

11. Revitalising Nature’s Own Candle

orange oil

Revitalise body and mind in the wake of the decadent and exhausting festive period with this uplifting Nature’s Own luxury scented candle. Zingy orange oil blends with the lemony extract of litsea oil to create a truly invigorating and cleansing natural blend, and one that’s ideal for creating a refreshing and spirit-lifting ambience in your lounge or bedroom.

12. No. 6 Lime & Citrus Parks Exclusives Candle

lime candle

With a refreshing citrus scent that smells good enough to eat (although we wouldn’t recommend it), this Parks Exclusives candle is wonderfully uplifting, pairing notes of lemon and lime with a mellow base of vanilla and bergamot. Clean, fresh and invigorating, few scents arouse a sense of reawakening like citrus, and this luxury candle is packed with natural extracts of lemon, lime and orange zest for a pure and revitalising scent.

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Whether you have a bold set of New Year’s resolutions that you’re determined to stick to or simply need a helping hand in getting through the January blues, a luxury scented candle can fill your home with inspiring and enriching fragrance – lifting your spirits long into the New Year. To browse our complete collection of luxury candles and home fragrances, visit the Parks homepage today.