Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of us will still be wondering what to do to mark the occasion. With restaurants charging exorbitant prices to capitalise on this almost obligatory annual night of romance, we look at alternative ways to enjoy the occasion…

Going Out

If your heart is set on going out for Valentine’s evening, try something a little different from the usual cliché meal:

  • Take your partner ice skating: Unless you’re both brilliant skaters, you’re bound to spend most of your session holding hands – what could be more romantic?

valentines day ideas

  • See a show: Tickets don’t always go up in price just because it’s Valentine’s Day, so whisking your partner to a stage show could be the perfect way to spend time together.
  • Enjoy some comedy: For an alternative Valentine’s surprise, why not book a night for the two of you at a comedy show? Although you might not immediately associate stand-up comedy with romance, the shared experience and the laughter will make for an evening you’ll remember. Tickets tend to be highly affordable compared to other Valentine’s Day experiences and sometimes you can get good value packages that include a meal as well.
  • Try something new: With the demand for alternative Valentine’s Day experiences being high, there are plenty more things to try that are completely different. London’s Snooty Fox is giving couples the chance to try their hand at making origami Valentine’s Day hearts or lips – while Sea Life are putting on an adults-only session where you can walk through the aquarium after dark whilst enjoying a glass of prosecco.

valentines day ideas

Staying In

Rather than venture out in the cold for an overpriced Valentine’s Day meal, a stay-at-home date can be the perfect way to spend some quality time together. Turn off your phones, make sure you won’t be interrupted by housemates or kids and try some of these romantic ideas:

  • Cook together: Try cooking something new as a couple – whether you fancy a curry, a homemade pizza or a decadent cake. Put on your favourite music and divide up the tasks so you both play a part in making the meal.
  • Have a themed movie marathon: Cosy up with some drinks and snacks while you enjoy some of your favourite movies together, back-to-back. Choose your theme by actors (Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio etc.), by genre (horrors, zombies, vampires etc.) or by series (although realistically you might not get through all 8 Harry Potter films in one night).

valentines day ideas

  • Have a themed evening: If you and your partner have always wanted to travel somewhere – or you’ve been there and have happy memories – theme your evening around your favourite destination. Choose food, wine, snacks, music and films around your theme – or take it one step further and dress up like the locals. If you’ve been to your destination, bring back the memories by watching some of your videos or looking at pics.
  • Make a playlist: Lock the door, order a takeaway, crack open a bottle of wine and get out your laptops. The goal is to create the perfect playlist for each other, just like an old-fashioned mix tape. Take it in turns to play songs while you’re doing it, and once you’re finished, make sure your list ends up on their phone or iPod. You’ll each have something to remember the evening by for many years to come.
  • Have a cocktail session: Research a few cocktails before the night – you could look for combinations with a romantic name or with pink, red or violet to create the right vibe. Keep your costs down by choosing a favourite alcohol (e.g. tequila, vodka, gin) as the base – you’ll then just need to buy a range of fruit and mixers. You’ll also need some basic equipment – a shaker, strainer, shot measure and, of course, plenty of ice. Put on your favourite tunes and enjoy a crash course in cocktail making with some delicious flavours to get you in the mood.

valentines day ideas

  • Mood lighting: Whether you’re cooking up a meal, making cocktails or watching your favourite films this Valentine’s Day, be sure to create a romantic atmosphere with a few of our gorgeous candles. They also make the perfect thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day – one that you can use together on the night and for many nights after. Try our Cognac candle – a delicious sparkling combination of lively citrus, peach and cassis with a celebratory vibe; or for a more sensuous and evocative scent, choose sensational Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. For those who have spent Valentine’s Day in the office, opt for our Lavender 3 piece set – this calms and helps you and your partner relax and unwind, and the gift set of four means they’ll be able to enjoy the experience well beyond Valentine’s Day.


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