Let go of your preconceptions about candles, because now it’s very easy to find one that’s as well suited to men as it is to women. As fragrances have developed and new extracts and ingredients have been added, a new breed of subtly-masculine scents have emerged – meaning that men too can now unashamedly enjoy the warming glow and satisfying scent of a flickering candle in their home.

Tobacco, citrus, sandalwood, oakmoss – ingredients like these are par for the course when it comes to finding the perfect scented candle for men, so you no longer have to worry about a candle being overly floral and feminine. Add to that elegant, neutral and handsome packaging, and a fragranced candle becomes the ultimate festive stocking filler for the man in your life.

In this guide, we explore 10 Parks candles whose rich, warm and masculine scents make them the ideal Christmas gift for the house-proud gent.

1. Parks Original Aromatherapy

Parks original

Marrying uplifting citrus with smooth bergamot, underscored with tones of warm balsam wood, the Parks Original Aromatherapy candle is ideal for creating a relaxed and balanced environment. Part of our Aromatherapy collection, this candle will infuse his space with a soothing and comforting fragrance – the perfect antidote to a stressful day.

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2. Parks Black Magic Cedar, Vetiver & Patchouli Candle

parks black magic candle

Scented candles often use the same fragrance extracts used in perfumery, and this is true of our Black Magic Cedar, Vetiver & Patchouli candle. Derived from lemongrass, vetiver is commonly found in men’s cologne, while sandalwood and patchouli combine to create a rich and smoky musk. A twist of orange serves to lift the scent, for an invigorating and refreshing fragrance.

3. Parks Noir Oud Candle

noir oud candle

Oud, an exotic natural resin derived from the agar trees of Southeast Asia, produces a rich smoky fragrance, not dissimilar to tobacco and incense. Here, in our Parks Noir Oud candle, we’ve paired oud with cypriol, patchouli and spices, which combine to form a complex and satisfying fragrance.

4. Parks Moods Colour Therapy Black Candle

candle gifts for men

Inspired by black, the colour of strength, confidence and self-assurance, our Moods Collection Black candle is fragranced with extracts of birch, oak, patchouli and musk, for a rich, woody and intense scent. With its smoked black glass votive and elegant gift box, this is the ideal men’s candle gift.

5. Parks Nature’s Own Nordic Spa Candle

candle gifts for men

Balancing revitalising mid notes of ginger, lime and cardamom with rich, soothing vetiver, our Nature’s Own Nordic Spa candle captures the elegance of Scandinavia in a refined and neutral votive. Our Nature’s Own range uses natural botanical ingredients and extracts, bringing pure, long-lasting fragrance to any space.

6. Parks Aromatherapy Orange, Cedarwood & Clove Candle

candles for men

Another exclusive scent in our Aromatherapy collection, our Orange, Cedarwood & Clove candle delivers a warm, rich and invigorating fragrance, helping set the mood for a relaxed and sophisticated evening. With notes of seasonal orange and clove, this satisfying fragrance will see the man in your life through winter to the warmer months of spring.

7. Parks Exclusive No. 8 Feu De Bois Candle

candle gifts for men

The refined fragrance of our No. 8 Feu De Bois candle, with notes of birch, oakmoss, cedarwood and musky patchouli, produces a woody and smoky fragrance that’s distinctly masculine. One of the timeless scents in the Parks Exclusive range, No. 8 offers long-lasting fragrance over a 50-hour burn time, and is packaged in an elegant black presentation gift box – perfect for slotting under the Christmas tree.

8. Parks Inspiring Massage Candle

candle gift for men

The Parks Inspiring Massage candle features innovative natural wax with a low melting point, so it can be applied to the skin with no risk of burning. Great for those with active lifestyles, this finely scented pure wax candle is fragranced with notes of aromatic wood, jasmine and mint, making it the ideal accompaniment to a relaxing massage after sport or at the end of a tiring day.

9. Parks Orange, Black Pepper, Basil & Cedarwood Candle

candle gifts for men

Herbal blasts of basil and black pepper marry well with soft cedarwood, while a shot of orange zest revitalises the blend. Great for burning in the dining room or home office, this Black Magic candle produces a complex scent that is rich and invigorating, yet light and subtle enough for day-to- day burning – infusing his space with a distinct and signature fragrance.

10. Parks By the Fire Winter Wonders Candle

candle gifts for men

Suggestive of returning to a cosy log cabin after a day’s alpine adventuring, our By the Fire candle marries a smoky blend of natural woody scents, including birch, oakmoss and cedarwood, with musky patchouli, replicating the simple joy of being beside a roaring hearth. The unique, primal blend of this Parks Winter Wonders candle is comforting yet invigorating, while the elegant smoked glass votive promises to make a great addition to their coffee table.

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Parks candles pair pure natural wax with the finest ingredients and extracts, creating distinctive and refined scents in any living space. To explore our full collection of home fragrances, visit the homepage.