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  • Fragrance Facts: Uses and Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

    Sandalwood may be a longstanding and ever-popular staple of the cosmetics industry – particularly in men’s cologne and aftershave – but there’s more to this captivating essential oil than its signature, woody fragrance.

    From historic Ayurvedic medicine to modern mental health, sandalwood has been used for generations, and is favoured for its calming, therapeutic scent. Here, we explore the origins and history of this beloved essential oil, and delve into what makes it the perfect fragrant accompaniment to your home.

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  • How to Find a Diet You Can Stick To

    It’s widely known that a healthy lifestyle starts and ends with the right diet. The food we eat is not only important in maintaining our weight, but affects our health, mood and relationships, too. But with so many different diets out there, choosing the one which works for you, and one you can ultimately stick with in the long-term, can be challenging.

    Each year brings new dieting tips and advice, with new fad and crash diets promising to help you lose weight or get lean. But sticking to these flash-in-the-pan dieting regimes is almost impossible, and isn’t the best way to maintain your health and wellbeing.

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  • Interior Design Inspiration with Victoria from Apartment Number 4

    At Parks, we have a strong passion for everything interiors-related – and we love chatting with professionals tasked with bringing homes to life and bloggers who obsess over the finer details of décor.

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