In 1987 Carol Symons opened a small London boutique with a collection of gifts and three scented candles.


"I remember being nervous watching a customers first reaction whenever they’d lean in to smell the candles. I probably spent way too much time thinking about what their smiles meant"


Hand-poured, with 100% natural wax and her favourite scent (Parks Original), it wasn't long before brands like Harrods recognised the quality, fine fragrance and unique attention to detail. They began placing orders and it quickly became impossible to meet the demand.


Unfortunately, in those days, established candle manufacturers who could help meet the demand hadn't yet come around to the benefits of eco-friendly products. Carol's commitment to 100% natural wax, a super-clean burn and sustainable sourcing went beyond the capabilities of larger volume manufacturers who were committed to paraffin in the 80's.


Without tried and tested processes for serious production quantities to Carol's specifications, her husband, Sidney, was recruited to the cause. With no choice but to learn through trial and error, he found himself at the cutting edge, developing the techniques, expertise and equipment needed. Other fragranced products for the home and giving were a natural progression. By the 21st century, Sidney was producing significant quantities of diffusers, room sprays (alcohol-free) and 100% natural wax candles to the most demanding values - his wife’s.


Those values have driven continual investment in R&D, the production team, infrastructure, and reducing the carbon footprint for each and every product. Our laboratories love developing processes such as Coreless CleanBurn Technology and proprietary wax formulas. From commissioning the finest machinery around the world to building it ourselves - everything is obsessively geared towards making the worlds’ finest fragranced products for the home and gifting.


Parks is still a family run business, with a 33,000sqft production facility in the heart of England, showroom in London’s’ West End and customers on all five continents - but we've never forgotten the values which brought us here. Every hour of every day, someone, somewhere on the planet is smiling because they’ve just lit or been given one of our candles.

That’s why we love what we do.