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About Us

From 12 candles a week to 32,500 in 8hrs


In 1989 Carol Symons made three scented candles to sell in her side-street boutique alongside its collection of gifts. The candles were hand-poured 100% natural wax and all in her signature scent (Parks Original). It wasn’t long before established brands like Harrods, Thomas Goode and Nina Campbell recognised the unique attention to detail, quality of burn combined with the fine fragrance. They began placing orders and it quickly became impossible to meet the demand.


These were not only the earliest days of fine-fragranced candles for the home but also a time when Greenpeace and the environmental movement weren't taken seriously. Candle manufacturers hadn’t realised the importance of working with eco-friendly products. Carol’s commitment to 100% natural wax and a super-clean burn was beyond the experience and capabilities of volume producers - using paraffin.  

Carol's husband, Sidney (not ready for the retirement he’d considered) was recruited to the cause and set about creating both the manufacturing facilities and developing the expertise needed. Without any tried and tested methods for volume production to Carol’s specifications, Sidney found himself at the cutting edge, with no choice but to learn the hard way - trial and error. Diffusers, room sprays and other home-fragranced products were a natural progression to grow the range of production capabilities. By the 21st century, Sidney was producing significant quantities of 100% natural wax candles, measured by the most demanding values - his wife’s.
Those values have driven continual investment in R&D, the production team and infrastructure. Our laboratories thrive on developing proprietary processes for super-clean burns, proprietary formulas for wax and wicks. Our Head of Engineering is ex-British military and only commissions the finest machinery from around the world. Everything we do is obsessively focussed on making Englands' finest candles.
Today, Parks is still a family run business, making candles, diffusers and fragranced products for the home from our 33,000sqft facility in the heart of England, showroom in London’s West End and customers on all five continents - but we've never forgotten the values which brought us here.