About Our Candles & Diffusers

Parks is a long established UK manufacturer specialising in the production of 100% natural wax candles and 100% Natural Glycerine Diffusers. Especially created for the more discerning and sophisticated. The scents were formulated by world leading perfumers including from the specialist fragrance region of Grasse, France to ensure only the best scent is used. Each product has been carefully made to delight the user. Quintessential English luxury at your fingertips. Made with the finest essential oils to infuse your day with beautiful scents and indulge you with a fabulous pampering experience. Parks specialise in the manufacture of natural products so you can be assured of quality and purity.



The Unique Qualities Of Our 100% Natural Wax Candles

Our unique 100% natural wax is manufactured in house and has been developed and refined over many years.

  • The Wax is 100% natural. All ingredients non-toxic. Data sheets states that it is a “mixture of natural substances extracted from plants” which includes rapeseed-based waxes and oils
  • No paraffin/petroleum waxes used.
  • No Palm waxes used in our unique blend.
  • All ingredients are from sustainable and renewable annual crops.
  • All ingredients are sourced from North America and Europe only.
  • Each component is free from animal testing.
  • Our wax contains no animal fat (tallow).
  • All candles are Made in England at our Hartlebury factory.
  • Wicks are lead free and made from natural fibre.
  • The environmental properties of natural waxes are characterised by the lack of ecotoxic or accumulating effects

All candles are rigorously and diligently tested to ensure our customers receive the best product possible. Our blend of natural wax is specially formulated dependent upon the fragrance and the container to ensure the perfect burn. We also manufacture wicks in house to ensure no compromise on wick selection and to provide you with the best wick for our candle.

Only the best quality and purest fragrance is used. Each of our candles is scented to a very high level throughout the candle thus ensuring the delightful bouquet will linger in a room for many hours and with every burn.

We pride ourselves on only making The Finest Candles in the World. We do not make token gesture items.



The Unique Qualities Of Our Fine Perfume Diffusers

Our diffusers are made with 100% natural glycerine and fragranced to very high levels with perfumes that contain essential oils. They will fully scent a room with a delightful bouquet. We do not use any water in our diffusers to dilute and cheapen the product.

  • No alcohol/ethanol used.
  • From sustainable and renewable resources.
  • All ingredients sourced from North America and Europe only.
  • Each component is free from animal testing.
  • All diffusers are Made in England at our Hartlebury factory.
  • They are not classified as a hazardous substance or preparation.